South Sydney Rabbitohs Testiomonial for Out of Your Mind
Out of Your Mind - corporate mind training, Lend Lease Testimonial

“We are now understanding that [the Mind Training is] as important, if not more important than other facets of what we’re practicing, whether it be out on the field, in the gym. You know the mind is a very strong, powerful muscle.”

Michael Maguire, Head Coach, South Sydney Footbal Club, September 2014.

We undertook mind training because Barangaroo is not waiting for anyone.

Lend Lease

MND and Me Foundation
Uncle Toby’s Nestle testimonial for Out Of Your Mind

"The Mind Training has given me almost a completely different way of looking at my life and how I do things. It’s given me lots of different tools to deal with those really difficult situations caring for someone and dealing with all the challenges that throws up."

The MND and Me Foundation

"I’ve been in the business now for 10 years and we’ve never won this award, market of the year… best sales growth, best profit growth and the best market share are the 3 key metrics. We absolutely smashed our targets."

Uncle Toby’s (Nestle)

William Buck testimonial for Out Of Your Mind

“I started this business 21 years ago and I’ve rarely been home to my family before 7pm. Since doing this Mind Training, I’m done and dusted by 4.30pm. My resting heart rate dropped from 85 to 68 bpm.”

Nick Hatzistergos, Managing Director, William Buck Pty Ltd, September 2014