Out of your mind

...lift performance through mind training

Our purpose is to train minds to perform at their best under pressure, whether that be at critical high-stakes moments or with life’s everyday challenges.

This 8 week mind training program has successfully lifted performance to:
give high end sporting teams a competitive advantage through greater on field focus
build mind resilience and efficiency skills to corporates
bring calmness and stability to those caring for others
reducing procrastination and distraction in hsc students.


South Sydney Rabbitohs Testiomonial for Out of Your Mind
Out of Your Mind - corporate mind training, Lend Lease Testimonial

“We are now understanding that [the Mind Training is] as important, if not more important than other facets of what we’re practicing, whether it be out on the field, in the gym. You know the mind is a very strong, powerful muscle.”

Michael Maguire, Head Coach, South Sydney Footbal Club, September 2014.

We undertook mind training because Barangaroo is not waiting for anyone.

Lend Lease


8 week Mind Training programs:
for senior corporate teams, high end sporting teams, carers of the ill and students about to enter years 11 or 12.

Mind Training at conferences:
experiential, interactive and entertaining from 2 hours to 2 days, small Executive Leadership Teams to 100+ Sales Staff.

Mind Performance Profiles:
for individuals in the corporate or sporting sectors who want to better understand how to lift individual performance; results are benchmarked against athletes and executives data collected over decades of research.

1 day open courses:
for individuals who want to deep dive into Mind Training in an intensive day.




number of people we have mind trained

February 2017


Out Of Your Mind is an 8 week training system that has 2 components. We first reduce the threats that get in the way of performing at our best (fatigue & overwhelm, fear, lack of awareness & lack of focus). Then we enhance the qualities of a high performance mind, building mind health, efficiency, resilience and creativity.

The program is made up of 12 mind health tools, 10 mind efficiency tools, 11 mind resilience tools and 10 high powered mind tools.


The program blends 3 disciplines; Eastern performance tools, elite sports performance approaches and the latest understandings of the mind from modern science. The training system has been specifically designed to fit within the constraints of the modern world to make it easy to digest.

All programs are experiential, simple, supported by science and outcome based. No hippy mumbo jumbo here!


We wanted a brand name that disarmed people and overcame their cynicism to this space.

It needed to be a name that was provocative and challenging yet somehow familiar. One of our programs teaches participants how to get out of the default, multi-tasking, stressed mind and into a more focused, creative, intuitive way of knowing.

Hence Out Of Your Mind came into being.


Derek brings a strong record of success in the business world having created and led a high performance senior team that delivered 15 years straight of 20% plus growth. After selling The Leading Edge he spent the next 5 years using his extensive market research skills to study, understand and practice non-conventional philosophies on driving mind performance.


Samantha has been facilitating corporate leadership development programs for over a decade. She has a PhD in transformative, executive education and 18 years experience in Eastern development methods. Sam is driven by making the complex simple and her academic side demands scientific evidence to support her Mind Training work.


If you’re a member of a senior leadership team, a sporting team or a school community, contact us and we look forward to meeting you face to face, to share our program in detail and discuss how mind training can best lift your team's performance.

Derek’s Mobile: 0409 282 565
Sam’s Mobile: 0420 312 583

Derek’s Email: derek@outofyourmind.com.au
Sam’s Email: samantha@outofyourmind.com.au

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